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We are in Serving of industries of Since 1973. We are specialized in Repair Typical problem related to H.T. / L.T. & AC/DC  Electrical Motors, H.T. Transformers Rectifier Sets, H.T. Alternators, Hydro generator and providing magnet panel & magnet rotor repairing solutions.


We accept all type of repairing of critical challenging & special  design jobs regarding all type of motor, alternators and transformers with no limits of size & specification or make that why our motto is”  The impossible is possible with us”


We are  the group of Technically qualified persons those are highly experienced and Dedicated  to  quality of job. We under take jobs such as:






A.C. Motors

 Squirrel cage LT induction motors 50 KW to 1000kw and above

 All types of small & heavy pumps

 HT motors  200 KW to 10,000 kw and above

 Slip rings Motors 100KW TO 1000KW and above

 Synchronous Motors ( 300 KW to 10000 KW & above)

 A.C. Commutator variable speed motors (10 HP to 500 HP & above)

 A.C. servo motors 2KW to 250KW ( including magnet repair &  charging)

 Medium frequency MG set( for induction hardening ) upto 500KW



Alternators LT & HT

 A.C. alternator with carbon brushes & brushless (50KVA to 5000 KVA & above)

 Hydro power alternator upto 6 MW and above

 wind turbine alternator upto 2 MW and above



D.C. Motors

 All kind of DC motors 10 Kw to 2000KW

 Special type of AC – DC MG set upto 1000KW

 DC welding generators set upto 1200 AMP



Transformers LT & HT

 Oil  type transformer 415 v – 3300v- 6600v- 11000v- 33000v- 66000v – 1,32,000v- 2,20,000v

 Dry type transformer ( Cast resin transformer( CRT) voltage 415v- 3300v-6600v- 11000v- 33000v)

  Electroplating rectifiers transformers units (250 amp to 25000 amp and above)

 Designing special transformers on special requirements

 Overhauling, repairing & dehydration services at site

Other facilities

Mr. Raj Kumar

Magnets Repairing & charging

 All types of magnet recharging including neodymium magnet, rear earth magnet, ferrite magnet etc.

 Repairing & charging of all type of rotor with originally fitted magnets in it or rotor made of magnets mostly found in BLDC, servos, steppers

 Repairing & rewinding of  all types, shapes, small, huge, very heavy   size of  electro magnets

 All types of small & heavy pulse magnets including magnet originally fitted  with  permanent magnet and epoxy

 Repair of all types of manually operated magnets & magnet blocks



 Dehydration of transformer oil

 On site repairing & overhauling services

 Dynamic balancing

 Testing of motor & transformer

 Magnet charging & repairing solutions

Our Sister Concern

We have fully functional and well equipped workshop situated M/s Raj electrical and engineering works   in Alwar, Rajasthan  focusing on providing repair & rewinding services  for transformer, AC & DC HT & LT motors, alternators.


Contact details

Name : Raj Electrical & Engineering Works

Address: J-7, modi Complex, MIA, Alwar, Rajasthan







5D/52, NIT, Faridabad


5D/102, NIT, Faridabad


09810637645, 9311237644

Our Sister Concern