We are in servicing of industries of North India since 1973. We are specialized in handling typical problems related to H.T. / L.T. & AC/DC Electrical Motors, H.T. Transformers, Rectifier Sets & H.T. Alternators.

We are the group of Technically qualified persons those are highly experienced and dedicated to quality of job. We under take jobs such as:

A.C. Motors
  • Squirrel Cage induction motors
  • Sllpprings Motors
  • Syncronous Motors (50 HP to10000 HP & above)
  • A.C. CommutatorVariable speed motors (10 HP to 500 HP & above)
  • A.C. Genrators with carbon brushes& brushless(50 KVA to 5000 KVA & above)
  • Automatic voltage regulatois (A.V.R.) of Genrator set of any capacity.
D.C. Jobs
  • D.C. Motors, D.C. Genrators & D.C Welding Genrators (10 HP to 5000 HP & above)
  • Electroplating rectifiers transformers units (250 amp to 25000 amp & above)
We already doing the Govt. servicing job like H.S.E.B., Defence Gun Factories. H.T. Jobs
  • H.T. Motors - 2300 Volts, 3300 Volts, 6600 Volts, 11000 Volts.
  • H.T. Alternators - 2300 Volts, 3300 Volts, 6600 Volts, 11000 Volts, 13850 Volts.
  • H.T. Transformers Voltage - 6600 Volts, 11000 Volts, 33000 Volts, 66000 Volts, 132000 Volts, 220000 Volts.
Our Sister Concern:

We have been dealing in specialized & typical problems related to H.T. / L.T. Electrical Jobs in the name of M/s. Well Service Corporation In this concern we are understanding the heavy duty jobs of Rewinding of Motors, Generators & Transformers etc.

We feel great pleasure in informing you that we have entered in build of machinery of dynamic job solve every relating to vibrations in rotating jobs, as we have a computerized dynamic balancing machines. The capacity of the said machine is up to 13000 kg. and dimension of the job is up to 5 meter. We can do all type of dynamic balancing in various jobs as under :
  • Rotor of Electrical motor and generator.
  • Rotating fans blowers.
  • Flywheels and gears.
  • Pullies and Hubs.
  • Big Tyres etc.
We also have additional facilities for machining of rotor, all type of welding, making of bush-bearing and drilling etc. We also have Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, Light Duty Lathe Machine, all types of welding sets, drill machine and grinding machine.

Mr.Rajkumar ( C.M.D.)

Mr.Deepak Kumar (C.O.)

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